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AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC offers home inspections and commercial property inspections to buyers, sellers and owners of residential and commercial buildings in Atlantic and Cape May Counties and vicinity. Please click here for additional information.


If you are a homeowner planning to sell, or a homebuyer looking for an experienced local home inspection professional, you can be confident in your selection of AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC. Home inspections can be arranged on YOUR timetable, and you are highly encouraged to attend the inspection. Results, in the form of a customized report with annotated photos and detailed explanations, will generally be available that same evening and delivered by e-mail, for the fastest service.

Full home inspections are performed following the State of New Jersey Standards of Practice, which can be found by viewing the New Jersey Home Inspection Statutes and Regulations. A thorough home inspection is performed and depending on the age, size and complexity of the home, can take 3 to 4 hours. Condominium inspections, where the condo unit is part of an Association, are less complicated (in that the client may not wish to have areas of Association responsibility inpected); these are available at a reduced fee recognizing that only the interior of the unit is inspected.

FOCUSED INSPECTIONS: Besides offering thorough New Jersey Standards of Practice inspections, AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC also offers targeted inspections to buyers and owners that focus on specific inspection issues and concerns - structural, deck, crawlspace, fire escape, and roof, to name a few. Whether it is for peace of mind, to meet an insurance requirement, or because you believe you are paying too much for your natural gas, water or electicity, AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC can help.

NEW HOME OR RENOVATED HOME/CONDO BUYERS: Buying a brand new home or a completely renovated home or condominium? Don't assume that the expensive home you are buying is defect-free. Code inspectors are only looking for code issues, and are not charged with inspecting the same things as home inspectors. Additionally, busy code inspectors may overlook problems because they are rushed and only visit the site for a few minutes at a time, so should not be relied upon to be the final answer in whether your new home is defect-free. And while new homes built in New Jersey have a home warranty, many of the defects found in new homes would likely not be discovered by homeowners within the warranty period. A home inspection by a competent, experienced home inspector is an investment that can save you money - and aggravation - in the short and long term. For eye-opening examples of major defects that were missed in new home construction and ground-up renovations in South Jersey, click here.

NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION: Having a new home built for you? Consider an inspection of your home while it is being constructed. A construction progress inspection greatly improves the chance that problems like inadequate insulation, unwanted infiltration, and substandard design or installation of a heating and air conditioning system don't get built-in to the home. Having an ally who understands the issues involved with home construction can be a great benefit for those who are experiencing the construction of a new home for the first time. Note that building inspectors for municipalities are looking for code compliance during construction only, and works with the builder; a home inspector works for the buyer and can offer much more value in the final analysis. A certificate of occupancy does not guarantee that deficiencies are not being built-in to your new home.

"AS-IS" INSPECTIONS: AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC offers a home inspection service tailored to, and ideal for, investors, "fix and flip" buyers, or buyers who want information on hot-button items either prior to finalizing their offer or if their agreement of sale has no formal home inspection contingency. This $350 inspection service ($450 for a 2-unit property) focuses on issue of primary importance to most buyers in these situations - the condition of roof, structure, windows, plumbing drain, water and space heater, air conditioning and electric service, as well as major safety-related items, that would not be readily evident to the buyer. It does not replace a thorough full service home inspection that follows the New Jersey Standards of Practice.

AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC based in Margate, NJ, and is local to the shore and Mainland communities, serving the area from Tuckerton south to Cape May, and inland. Consider that a home inspector based out of the area may be less than available if a problem arises, or if you need followup after the inspection. With AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC, you have local expertise, and familiarity with typical construction found on barrier island and shore communities.

NOTE TO HOME SELLERS: Most people only think of home inspections when they are buying a home. How many years have you lived in your home, and how long has it been since it was inspected? It makes good economic sense to protect your investment with an owner's home inspection. Over the course of time, issues develop that may progress, unseen, for months or years. In particular, attics and crawl spaces may go for years without being entered. Water leaks, structural damage, and other issues can accumulate eventually resulting in costly repairs. Especially if you are contemplating selling or updating your home, consider getting a home inspection. AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC is now offering an inspection service tailored to owners, that focuses on the roof, structure, heating and air conditioning equipment, plumbing and electrical components, and crawlspace. If you are placing your home up for sale, this inspection gives you needed information well ahead of the buyer's home inspector. BE PREPARED! Knowing your home's deficiencies gives you a tremendous advantage by enabling you to make informed decisions without the pressure of a real estate transaction hinging on what the buyer expects you to fix. Especially in this difficult real estate market with demanding and nervous buyers, by fixing defects before listing your home, or disclosing known defects that you choose not to fix to pontential buyers, the element of surprise is greatly lessened which will facilitate the sale of your home, and at a higher price than otherwise would be the case .

I. G. "Zack" Lilienfeld, P.E., owner of AtlantiCape Inspections, LLC, offers prompt, professional real estate inspection and consulting services, using state-of-the-art tools and resources. Zack offers a high degree of professionalism, thoroughness and dedication to the needs of his clients. Complete home inspection reports are normally available late the same evening of the inspection via e-mail.

As a Licensed Home Inspector (NJ Lic. #24G00050500), Zack has the required state-approved credentials that you should expect in a professional. Additionally, Zack is a Licensed Professional Engineer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania with 32 years experience performing building surveys and inspections of all types. Zack is a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. If you are a home or small business owner, or real estate buyer looking for prompt, personal inspection services, then please contact Zack at (609) 431-0202.

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